If you'd like to join the Denver/Boulder Region of JASNA, contact our Membership Coordinator. You're also welcome to attend any of our meetings and join from there.

Dues are only $10 a year, due at our December meeting (usually a tea to commemorate Jane Austen's birthday). Meetings are normally held at 1:30 pm on the second Sunday of February, April, June, August, October, and December. See our Calendar for upcoming events.

Joining the Denver/Boulder Region does not mean that you automatically become a member of the national JASNA group (or vice versa). Members of the Region are required to join the National organization as well. The benefits of joining National include: three issues of the JASNA News, the scholarly journal Persuasions (which includes papers presented at the Annual General Meeting), the privilege of personally attending the Annual General Meeting, and the knowledge that part of your dues will go to various restoration funds at Chawton and Steventon. Call 1-800-836-3911 or go to www.jasna.org for information on national JASNA membership and fees.